Tatton Park Biennial was inaugurated in 2008, with over thirty artists and writers creating new works responding to the site's botanical collections. In 2010, a new group of over twenty artists increased the ambitions of the Biennial, considering notions of identity and place in shifting political, social, economic and environmental landscapes. The third edition in 2012 saw artists responding to the theme 'Flights of Fancy' and considered the human urge to fly and the precarious nature of flight, with regard to Tatton Park's aeronautical legacy.

Tatton Park continues to be a boundless source of inspiration for artists and craftspeople. To build upon the three successful biennials, we continue to develop the arts agenda at Tatton on a project by project basis, enabling us to realise the potential to deliver great art in this beautiful and historic setting.

More details about specific events will be available as they are finalised. For more information about potential future productions, exhibitions and events please sign up to the mailing list for updates.