Film and Performance

In 2012 the artists were producing their work in a range of media, including film, video and performance. Due to Tatton Park being a listed site, showing time-based work was a challenge they had to overcome.

Artists working in film developed new works that could be seen on-site showing in an ISO container, a caravan, a spaceship and a miniature planetarium, as well as on a brass plate in Tatton's Music Room. 

Clips of some of the works can be seen here.

Aura Satz's film, set to a new score by Larry Goves, juxtaposes the ornamentation of the Music Room's architecture with the embellishments of Elizabeth Sykes' sheet music. Voice: Arthur Bailey; Harpsichord: Penelope Cave and Katrina Faulds and Cello: Oliver Coates

A series of messages from Che Guevara, delivered by the revolutionary as he pilots his spaceship through multiple universes, his appearance altering as he travels...

The Dahinden-Kleeb-Phillips Trio perform on 27 May 2012 in the Mansion and Gardens. Working in response to Charbel Ackermann's 'Dead Cat', the musicians played an 1812 square piano, alp horn, various electronica and field recordings as well as radios and childrens' toys.

Charbel Ackermann's transmission performance, 28 July 2012

Biennial promotional films: 2008, 2010 and 2012

Tatton Park Biennial 2012: Flights of Fancy

video by

Tatton Park Biennial 2010: Framing Identity

The second edition of the Biennial, 'Framing Identity' ran from May - September 2010, with commissions from over twenty artists set in the Formal Gardens and Mansion at Tatton Park.

Tatton Park Biennial 2008: Collections & Collectors

The first Biennial, staged from May-September 2008 in Tatton's Gardens and Mansion, explored the collections held at the site, with over thirty new works from emerging and established artists.